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exquisite stones for your projects by Sel Kaptan
       EURASIA STONE has been importing and manufacturing the finest quality natural stone slabs, tiles and hand-crafted mosaics since 2000.                      Our   natural   stone   factories   in   Europe,   coupled   with   our   numerous   resources   around   the world, allow us to offer our customers the very best in both quality and selection. EURASIA   STONE   offers   an   incredible   collection   of   natural   stone   tiles,   slabs,   mosaics   and specialty   stone   in   an   unrivaled   variety   of   colors   and   patterns.   Our   products   are   ideally   suited   for aesthetic-focused interiors, including residential, hospitality, and commercial environs.                                    EURASIA   STONE   was   founded   in   2000   by   Sel   Kaptan,   who   still   serves   as   the   CEO   today. As   the   entrepreneur   behind   the   prestigious   brand,   Sel   is   a   leading   authority   in   the   manufacturing, importing,   and   distributing   of   luxury   tile   and   stone.   He   travels   extensively   throughout   the   world to   find   the   very   best   quality   stone   and   discovers   materials   and   artisans   that   have   not   been   seen before   in   the   market.   Some   of   his   favorite   sources   includes:   Israel,   Italy,   France,   Spain,   Tunisia, Turkey,   Mexico,   Portugal,   Greece   and   China   where   he   hand-selects   from   the   Quarries.   Sel   is known   for   establishing   industry   trends   and   is   consistently   pushing   the   boundaries   with   the   design of   his   own   innovative   and   unique   products.   He   is   a   visionary   and   his   designs   have   been   featured in top rated media outlets throughout the world.